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Vibration Training Machine

Power Plate my5 Vibration Training Machine

ab machineThe Power Plate my5 model makes Acceleration Training exercise accessible for use in your home. Welcome to your future workout. The Power Plate my5 model brings great full-body fitness results in home workouts as short as 30 minutes a day, three days a week.

With three frequency options between 30-40Hz, this vibration plate is more customizable than the my3 machine and its larger surface provides more maneuverability. With a higher max load and a remote, you can fast forward to the body you want. The sleek design, user friendly settings and remote control help my5 fit harmoniously within your residence or private office.

When used regularly, as part of a healthier lifestyle, Vibration Training has been clinically shown to have these benefits:

  • Strength: helps improve muscle tone and build endurance
  • Flexibility: increases range of motion, coordination, balance and stability
  • Circulation: helps improve blood flow
  • Build Bone Density: increases bone mineral density and helps reduce bone loss related to aging

Every Power Plate my5 purchase comes with three dampening mats, hand straps, a remote control, and education materials including a training poster and DVD. And with your order for the Power Plate my5 vibration trainer, you are also entitled to Free Professional Power Delivery Service.


  • Grade: Designed for home use
  • Color: Metallic Silver Time: 30 or 60 seconds
  • Vibration: Tri-planar, mostly vertical, up to 40 times per second
  • Vertical Displacement: High/Low settings
  • Maximum Load: 300lb / 136kg Remote control for ease of use
  • Quick-Start programs for Strength, Stretch, Massage and Relax Stylish design resembles pro-series machines
  • Frequency Range: 30-40 Hz
  • Frequency Adjust: 3 mats / varying thickness
  • Dimensions: 27 in x 35 in x 59 in / 68 cm x 90 cm x 150 cm
  • Machine Weight: 200lb / 91kg
  • Power Supply: 90 – 260 VAC, 50/60 Hz
  • Nominal Power: .35 kW (in operation)


New Power Plate my5 Vibration Training Machine has priced about US $4,700.00

Follow link below to read shipping information or decided to buy!

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Roman Chair / Hyperextension Machine

Powerline Roman Chair / Back Hyperextension

ab machineHyperextension Machine is one of device in group of fitness machine. This also called “Roman Chair” by the rest of us. Why you need experience for this machine? Hyperextension Machine is a good device to use as your exercise assistance at home everyday. This Roman Chair will let you to working your abs, hamstring, and gluteus muscle. In addition, your back was also trained. Make sure with hyperextension machine, you can do exercises that maintain your abs and back to get strong and tight conditions and avoid painful injuries.


  • Durable, 2 x 2-inch heavy-gauge steel construction
  • Extra wide base eliminates rocking
  • Electrostatically applied powder coat finish
  • Adjustable to fit most users
  • Supports up to 250 pounds
  • Manual inversion mechanism
  • Dimensions: 46L x 25W x 36H inches
  • Manufacturer’s warranty included


PCH24X Back Hyperextension Machine from Powerline has priced about US $190.00 – Follow link below to read shipping and return policy or make deal decision!

Buy Back Hyperextension Machine

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Adjustable Cable Column

Legend Adjustable Cable Column 952

cable column abs exerciseThe abs exercise equipment by Legend Fitness mentioned here is Adjustable Cable Column 942 Model. This is practical cables machine with the slim design, compact footprint, and free-standing give us many options to do exercise anywhere at your favorite room in your home, make location a no-brainer, any location works. The multi-function concept gives you many exercise options; include exercise the ones we are used to hearing Kneeling Cable Crunch.

Product Features

  • The handles even rotate for different range-of motion requirements.
  • Operates at a 2:1 pull ratio for decreased inertia
  • 150 lb. weight stack included
  • Available in some finishes choice White, Red, Royal Blue, Black, Slate Gray, and Medium Gray


Price of Legend Adjustable Cable Column 952 abs exercise equipment is around US $1,930.00; make sure you read Shipping Information at before deciding to buy.

Buy Legend Adjustable Cable Column 952

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